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'Cuz we're having an after party, checkin' out 6 in the mornin'...

 Long time no post! That's because this month has been crazy. Today is my first complete day off in a good long time! It feels utterly fantastic!! The first thing I did was brew a pot of coffee (no brainer) then check all the blogs I read. I have a few phone calls I have to make but I am putting it off until Monday. Relaxation is the only thing on the menu today! 

Tonight is J.D's Sutton Place birthday bash. He has one every year and it's always in September because in August (when his birthday actually is) everyone's either really busy or still away on vacation. Now that people are back in town...the fun begins. Even Natali is coming out tonight! (Natali is my childhood best friend) So that should be really interesting. There's two parts, the dinner @ the ESPN Zone and then off to Sutton Place. (Link to see what Sutton is like here: We have to choose a themed restaurant like the ESPN Zone because we are going to bring such a large group and those restaurants that you find smack dab in the middle of Times Square really accommodate all of us. 

As far as school goes, I really enjoy all my classes. The only thing that stresses me out a bit is the process of getting textbooks. Thank God for Amazon...
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