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I love technology.

I can't believe I didn't search for this sooner. LJ has a iPhone application?! Amazing! I am updating via my psychology class but it hasn't started yet. That's the only way I'm getting away with this. Professor Pervy (my nickname for him because he kinda is one) hates cell phone usage during class. He makes you put it on his desk during the 50 minutes of class time. I never do of course. Why would I when I can just hide it in my lap? Hehe.

Yesterday was the annual San Gennaro feast on Little Italy. I went with Worm, JD and Richie Boy. We met up with John & Delina much later in the evening. I always enjoy that feast, more so than others. The area it's in plays a large part. I am going again on Friday, which is a good thing since I arrived at the feast on a full stomach and that's pretty much the worst thing you can do to yourself. There is loads of delicious smells coming at you. Not to mention, Little Italy is a small area lined with dozens of Italian restaurants (what else) that tempt you like no other. The best...well my personal Vincent's. I'm pretty darn sure i'm eating there on Friday.

Tomorrow Michael, my little bro, turns 18!!!! Crazy stuff! I gotta get him a DVD i know he will like.

Oh yeah, I was in the cafeteria on campus, about to leave, when a magazine rack caught my eye. On the cover was a girl I went to high school with. Flipped through it and turns out, she had a whole spread. The location? Our high school! Whoa. Pretty cool -- like taking a trip down memory lane. I even remember her saying she wanted to be a model.

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