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the return.

A livejournal update?! What is this world coming to? I decided to go through old entries and find the ones about Jonathan, just for the heck of it, and had to stop because I forgot how mean I was about everything! Here was this guy who is putting his heart on the line and I kept stomping on it. I even let him read a few, haha, but he got a kick out of it. Still though, funny how things change. I always knew he was a good friend and that he was someone I wasn't gonna let walk out of my life but I never thought giving him a chance last February would turn it into what it is today. Sometimes all you gotta do is take a leap of faith.

Things in 2010 have started nicely. I'm on winter break and enjoying the hibernation. It's been TOO cold in NYC these days. It is further proof some never get used to the cold. 

In other random news, I just got my own flickr account. (Of course my username is coffeeisgreen) but I don't have enough pictures in there yet. Looking at all the other pictures on that site though reminds me of the fact that I've yet to get a DSLR. Sometime before I'm an old lady would be nice!!
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Why did you decide to get a flickr account? I was so surprised to see you commented on mine.
On the Macbook, there's a tab called 'popular' and has suggested websites for me to go to. I was bored earlier and decided to give flickr a shot. I remembered you mentioning you had one so I searched for you and viola! I had a blast looking at old photos on yours.
Lol, yay! I love Flickr!!!
I always felt the same way about the pictures on Flickr, they're beautiful but they make me want a DSLR! Now that I have one, I'd like to make a Flickr but my photography skills aren't quite up to par.
hi, I just wanted to let you know that I didn't make the Jared Leto banner you've credited me for in your profile. I'm not sure who did, but I just thought I'd let you know :)